Energy and Minerals Australia Limited (EMA) is developing Western Australia's largest independently owned uranium resource, the Mulga Rock Deposits.

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Feasibility Targets

Name Plate U3O8 Production

~1,400 tonnes pa (3.0 million pounds)

Minimum Production Life

~15 years

Princess/Ambassador > 7 years

Emperor/Shogun > 8 years

Modelled Uranium Recovery

> 90% based on new metallurgy

Estimated Project  Capital Cost

< $A300m Beneficiation + RIP

Estimated Project Operating Cost

Operating Cost <A$40/lb

 Mining cost < A$20/lb

Process/Transport/Royalties <  A$20/lb

Ni/Co recovery and credit to be assessed post upcoming metallurgical studies

Project Returns

NPV@10% ~A$330m (US$70/lb)

IRR ~26%

Project Locations

EAMA locations Map.