Top benefits of the polished concrete floors and other surfaces

There was a time when the polished concrete floors and surfaces were limited to the commercial areas and basements. However, today they have become quite popular in the residential spaces as well. polished concrete Melbourne by All Grind Concrete Finishing have many functional benefits. However, the advancements in the sealing and staining technology have made sure that the aesthetic appeal of the house is also enhanced. This is the reason why the polished floors are able to replace the other popular floors such as tiles, marble, slate and granite. Here are some of the top benefits of these floors:

More eco friendly

Those who are concerned about the environment are often looking for ways to make their house more eco friendly. The polished floors are more environment friendly than most other floors. For instance, the epoxy flooring in Melbourne with the proper polishing has the minimal impact on the environment. However, even if you don’t have epoxy and your floor is made using the concrete slabs, there still is time to seal it and use materials that do not harm the environment. There are barely any VOCs in the materials used for polishing. This is why they do not affect the air quality and do not cause pollution. The odour also disappears after a while.

Highly cost effective

The polished concrete flooring is way more cost effective as compared to the other types of floorings such as granite or marble. There are primarily two reasons that make it the least expensive. Firstly, concrete is cheaper than other materials. Secondly, most of the houses already have concrete floors. So, they don’t need to install the new one. Homeowners simply need to polish the existing one.


It is not just the flooring that can be polished. There are other surfaces as well. Polished are again quite inexpensive but they look just about as good as any other material.

Very little maintenance required

Most of the floorings require a strenuous cleaning regime. For instance, if you have carpeted the floor it requires regular vacuuming. If you have the floor boards you will need to wax them from time to time. The marble floors are prone to stains and hence they need to be cleaned very regularly. All of this eats up a lot of time and requires great deal of effort. On the other hand, the polished floors and other surfaces are very resistant to stains and abrasion. All you need to do is, mop the surface using regular cleaners. This way you can save a lot of time and efforts.

They are very durable

Treated or polished concrete surfaces are more durable than other materials. In fact, a properly polished surface can last for several decades. This is the reason why they are quite extensively used where there is very frequent movement. But they are also perfect for the homes because once you have them you can forget them.