Questions When It Comes To Restoring Natural Stones

Are you thinking about having your natural stones restored whether for cosmetic reasons or because of damage? There are many questions that may be running through your mind and we have compiled a list of the most popular frequently asked questions in hopes of helping you out.

  • Will an area rug harm my stone floor?
    • No, in fact placing a rug down on the stone floor in high traffic areas will help catch dirt and debris and actually provide some protection for your stone floor.
  • How can I restore the shine my floor originally had?
    • This is one of the ways to tell if your floor needs a restoration, and if your stone floor is not deeply scratched you might be able to get away with an easy surface polish but if your floor has deep scratches or is worn badly you will need a total stone restoration.
  • How much will dust and mess be created during the restoration process?
    • Shockingly there is not any dust created with the restoration process when diamond abrasives and water is used.
  • How can I remove dull spots created by vinegar that is on my marble floor or counter tops?
    • Marble is a calcium carbonate which means that when an acidic substance such as vinegar comes in contact with it there is a chemical reaction. This reaction is commonly known as etching. This issue is more common than you would think, when you see the etching on your surface you will want to call a stone restoration company in sydney and they can polish and refinish the surface to bring back the original shine and look.
  • How often should I have my stone surfaces restored or resealed?
    • Typically the surface will need resealing more than it will restoration. Most of the times the resealing is a small job you can do at home yourself but on occasions, it calls for a professional to come and perform the service for you. A full stone restoration happens less frequently and usually when the stone needs a face lift so to speak.
  • There are so many terms when it comes to stone restorations, how will I know what they all mean?
    • Well, you will typically hear the terms grind, honing, or polishing in reference to stone restoration. Let’s look at each one briefly so you have an idea what they mean.
      • Grind: this removes deep scratches and uneven edges with a machine that uses diamond abrasive pads and water. There is no dust with this process.
      • Hone: this also uses a machine with the diamond abrasive pads and water but this is usually only for minor scratches and wear and tear.
      • Strip: This process removes coatings that are blocking the stones ability to breathe. This includes crystallisation, janitorial waxes as well as polyurethane.

We hope this little FAQ has shed some light into some areas of the stone restoration process for you, please join us on the next “episode” when we look deeper into stone restoration terms. This pice of information is sponsored by Indus Stones company reputed stack stone supplier in Melbourne.

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