Saving You Money on Expensive Repairs

Residential caulking is a relatively inexpensive option to repairs and replacements in your home. While not always necessary, it can help to fill in large gaps between the panes of glass in doors and windows, and between the interior walls and the exterior framing of your home. This is particularly true in older homes or when your exterior siding has become weathered or cracked on many portions. Caulking in these areas can be applied to help prevent further damage and make repair and replacement much easier when needed.

The most common application of residential caulking is to seal and repair small holes or cracks in your window glazing. This can help to prevent moisture from getting inside the room, while also helping to keep out the winter air, and the heat that comes with it. By caulking around your windows and doors, you can keep your heating and cooling costs down while insulating your home at the same time.

Another use of residential caulking is to seal leaks or cracks in exterior walls. These can be found anywhere from inner siding to the roof, and can be particularly problematic during the coldest months of the year. Cracks in exterior walls are more common in older homes, because of the weakening of the material over the years and the gradual build up of mold and mildew as a result. This can lead to a number of health problems for those living in the home, including allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, and even respiratory problems such as nasal congestion and throat irritation.

Many homeowners may not immediately think of caulking around their windows and doors – but this practice actually dates back centuries. In ancient times, ceramic tiles were used as seals for gaps and small leaks in walls, and the Roman and Greek civilizations commonly employed similar techniques in both building and maintenance. While today’s modern materials do not offer quite the same degree of resistance to abrasion or compression, residential caulking does effectively seal out these types of gaps and leaks, reducing the amount of moisture that can penetrate and build up within a house. Many buildings today contain some type of sealant applied to their surfaces in an effort to reduce the occurrence of water damage and condensation within the structure, but if your home has not been properly maintained, you should contact a certified residential caulk specialist to discuss your options.

Perhaps the most commonly seen application of residential caulking is around the foundation of a house, especially around the exterior of the foundation wall. Modern concrete forms and siding do not pose any type of internal water leakage or dampness issues of their own, so it is only logical to apply a layer of waterproof paint or coating on the outside of the walls as a sort of proactive preventative measure. Even if your home does not currently appear to have any problems, you should make sure to check for any noticeable cracks or signs of degradation, discoloration, or shrinkage. In addition to sealing off leaks and cracks, this layer can also prevent soil and rain from reaching in between the insulated concrete and the exterior walls. Professional residential caulking services will be able to assess your foundation and recommend a number of different options for repairing or covering small cracks or damage, depending on the location of the issue.

Sealing off rooms in a home from rain and sunlight is another important step in preventing water damage in the home. Although windows are often thought of as being relatively easy to maintain, in many cases they are very difficult to keep free of puddles, leaks, or stains due to dripping cups or plates. Proper sealing of doors and windows with a qualified residential caulking services can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for costly repairs, and can ultimately save you money on unnecessary home improvements. In most cases, residential caulking services will perform all of these general maintenance tasks on your behalf, saving you time, effort, and money. Any type of general improvement to a home can be extremely expensive, so including the prevention of potential leaks and damage by employing the services of a professional sealant company is an excellent way to go.

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